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Why Trust Classic Toyota of Texoma for Your Next Oil Change? 

There are lots of great reasons to trust your vehicle's next oil change to the trusty service technicians at Classic Toyota of Texoma. First and foremost, we are proud to use Genuine Toyota Motor Oil in all of our oil change services. This keeps your Toyota car, truck or SUV running well. It also provides you with other benefits like protection against damaging corrosion, prevention of foaming and maintenance of proper application of oil on the cylinder walls.

If you've heard the old adage, "prevention is the best medicine," you know that often times caring for a potential problem before it occurs is smarter than waiting for disaster to strike. Taking good care of your Toyota today could lead to the prevention of majorly expensive repairs further down the road.

Oil changes are a simple way that you can maintain the overall health of your vehicle. Ever wonder what exactly the oil does? It helps to remove excess heat from the engine. The viscosity of oil becomes thicker with time, which decreases its performance. In fact, this can even lead to decreased fuel efficiency. While most auto mechanics recommend that you have your vehicle's oil changed every 3 months or 3,000 miles (whichever comes first) we recommend that you follow the guidelines in your vehicle's owner's manual for the optimal mileage.

At Classic Toyota of Texoma, we would be happy to help with your next maintenance needs. Our highly-trained automotive technicians can take care of your Toyota's next oil change easily here in our tidy service center. We're located in Denison, TX, and hope to serve you soon.

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